2017 Stanley Cup Finals Preview

P.K. Subban’s Nashville Predators will take on Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2017 Stanley Cup Final. 

The 2016-17 NHL Season is now entering its final chapter: the Stanley Cup Final. After a long, arduous regular season and a grueling first three rounds of the postseason, the moment hockey fans wait for all year long is finally upon us.

In this year’s rendition of the Stanley Cup Final, the defending champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins, will return to the Finals to attempt to win their second straight championship. Standing in their way are the upstart Nashville Predators, who roared all the way to the NHL’s grandest stage despite entering the playoffs with the weakest record of the field.

The stage is set for yet another great final round, and the festivities will kick off on Memorial Day at 8:00 in Pittsburgh on NBC. Here’s Overtime’s comprehensive Stanley Cup Final preview.

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NHL Playoff Preview

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The NHL Postseason is among the best of any sport.

Hockey is often thought of as a cold-weather sport, but the best hockey of the year takes place in the springtime. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are fast approaching, and the NHL is ready to kick its season into high gear. Here’s a comprehensive preview of the NHL’s second season.

*This article also appears in the Spring issue of Allentown High School’s newspaper, the Nutshell.*

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2016 Stanley Cup Finals Preview

The 2016 Stanley Cup Final will see the San Jose Sharks face off against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

An entire NHL Season has led us to this moment. The 2016 Stanley Cup Final is here at last! The Championship round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will see the Western Conference Champion San Jose Sharks take on the Eastern Conference Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. The series begins on Monday, May 30 and can be seen on NBC and NBCSN.

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Flyers-Capitals Playoffs Preview

The Flyers and Capitals will face off in the 2016 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.
It’s finally here: it’s time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And for the first time since 2014, the Philadelphia Flyers will be participants in the dance following a truly unbelievable season. But the Flyers’ Cinderella season doesn’t get any easier now; they will have to face the number 1 team in all of hockey in the first round, the Washington Capitals.

The latest chapter of these two team’s rivalry will take place in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, which will begin on either Wednesday or Thursday and can be seen on the networks of NBC. Here’s your primer on the teams’ playoff series.

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