Which Sport Has the Best Playoffs?

The hallmark of all four major sports is their respective postseasons.
There really is no time like the postseason in sports. It is the time when the best of the best assert themselves, and the pretenders go home. Every sport’s postseason features its best competition and the most intense games. However, which sport has the very best postseason?

This is very difficult debate, as even the “worst” playoff sports have set the stage for some of the finest moments in all of sports. But without further ado, here’s Overtime’s take on which sport’s playoffs truly are the best.

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NHL Playoff Preview

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The NHL Postseason is among the best of any sport.

Hockey is often thought of as a cold-weather sport, but the best hockey of the year takes place in the springtime. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are fast approaching, and the NHL is ready to kick its season into high gear. Here’s a comprehensive preview of the NHL’s second season.

*This article also appears in the Spring issue of Allentown High School’s newspaper, the Nutshell.*

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Top 10 Super Bowls

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Terry Bradshaw, Jerry Rice, Eli Manning, and Joe Namath are among the greatest performers in Super Bowl history.

The Super Bowl is one of the most celebrated spectacles in all of sports. It is the ultimate stage, the pinnacle where heroes shine and legends are made. Through 50 installments, no season finale has ever truly been a bust.

With Super Bowl LI right around the corner, let’s look at the Top 10 Greatest Super Bowls of all time.

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Super Bowl LI Preview

The Atlanta Falcons will face their toughest test yet, as they take on the New England Patriots on Sunday, February 5th in Super Bowl LI at 6:30 on FOX.

This is it: after a 4-month journey through various trials and tribulations, it is finally time for the big game worth all the marbles. And what a star-studded season finale it will be this time around.

In the red corner, we have the Atlanta Falcons: the NFC Conference Champions, NFC South Division Champions, and the NFL’s most electric offense. The new kids on the block, they are ready to take flight.

And fighting out of the blue corner, we have the New England Patriots: the AFC Conference Champions, AFC East Division Champions, and the NFL’s greatest villains. No strangers to the big stage, the Patriots are primed for another Championship drive.

The hubbub all comes to a head one week from today, when the two combatants will finally duke it out under the lights at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Kickoff is set for 6:30, and can be seen on FOX.

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Giants-Packers: Wild Card Round Preview

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The New York Giants and Green Bay Packers will face off in the NFC Wild Card Round on Sunday at 4:40 on FOX.

It’s showtime! For the first time since 2011, the New York Giants have made it into the NFL Playoffs, and much like their last postseason endeavor, the road to the Super Bowl will be fierce. The Giants will face off against the surging Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs on Sunday at 4:40 on FOX.

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2016 Stanley Cup Finals Preview

The 2016 Stanley Cup Final will see the San Jose Sharks face off against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

An entire NHL Season has led us to this moment. The 2016 Stanley Cup Final is here at last! The Championship round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will see the Western Conference Champion San Jose Sharks take on the Eastern Conference Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. The series begins on Monday, May 30 and can be seen on NBC and NBCSN.

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MLB Contenders and Pretenders: American League

Which MLB playoff hopefuls are contenders, and which are pretenders?
The 2016 MLB season has the potential to be a wild one for playoff purposes. You could argue that half the league has a legitimate shot at the playoffs, but only 10 spots are available.

The early going has seen many teams come out of nowhere to lead their divisions while other stalwarts are faltering big-time. Which MLB playoff hopefuls are contenders, and which are pretenders?

In the first part of a 2-part series, let’s take a look at the Junior Circuit, the American League.

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Flyers-Capitals Playoffs Preview

The Flyers and Capitals will face off in the 2016 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.
It’s finally here: it’s time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And for the first time since 2014, the Philadelphia Flyers will be participants in the dance following a truly unbelievable season. But the Flyers’ Cinderella season doesn’t get any easier now; they will have to face the number 1 team in all of hockey in the first round, the Washington Capitals.

The latest chapter of these two team’s rivalry will take place in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, which will begin on either Wednesday or Thursday and can be seen on the networks of NBC. Here’s your primer on the teams’ playoff series.

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NHL Playoff Push Heating Up

The NHL Playoff Push is just getting started.

*Note: Originally published in the Spring edition of Allentown High School’s school newspaper, the Nutshell*.

There are few better times of the year in the National Hockey League than the push for the playoffs. In today’s NHL, many teams are still within striking distance as the postseason approaches. Here’s the latest on the NHL’s race to the Stanley Cup. Continue reading

NFL Midseason Review

The NFL season is already halfway over! The push for the playoffs begins now.
The NFL season is already halfway over! The push for the playoffs begins now.
As Thanksgiving approaches, is there a better way to celebrate than with football? The NFL really begins to heat up around Turkey Day, including its traditional slate of games on Thanksgiving Thursday. With about 60% of the season gone by the wayside, let’s review the season that has transpired so far and look forward to the playoff push. Continue reading