The Unexpected Performance of the Yankees’ Rotation

Luis Severino and Jordan Montgomery have been pleasant surprises in the Yankees’ rotation this season.

The rotation was supposed to be the weak link of the 2017 New York Yankees team. Sure, Masahiro Tanaka was the unquestioned ace of the staff, but every other starter was a major wild card. CC Sabathia was good in 2016, but was another year older. The only thing consistent about Michael Pineda and Luis Severino had been their inconsistency to date, and the fifth starter’s spot wasn’t even confirmed until after the first week of the season (the spot went to unproven southpaw Jordan Montgomery).

But as the Yankees sit in first place on the morning of June 8, 2017, it’s fair to say that the team’s rotation has not gone according to plan at all. However, this is a good thing. Even though Tanaka has struggled mightily this year, the performance of his fellow starters has made up for his poor play. Sabathia, Pineda, Montgomery, and especially Severino are no longer question marks on the 2017 Yankees, but rather exclamation points: something special that the Yankees can brag about.

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Who Should Be Removed from the Yankees’ Rotation?

The New York Yankees’ rotation is a hot mess right now.

Coming into the 2016 season, New York Yankees fans had reasons to be excited for the team’s rotation. It had an ace in Masahiro Tanaka, a budding superstar in Luis Severino, young fireballers Michael Pineda and Nathan Eovaldi, and veterans CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova as options.

However, the rotation has been an unmitigated disaster through almost a quarter of the season so far. While Tanaka has been fantastic, that’s really where the positives end. With Sabathia and Severino looking to be activated off of the disabled list soon, the Yankees will have to make a choice: who stays in the rotation, and who goes?

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Sabathia vs Nova: Who Should be the Yankees’ 5th Starter?

Who deserves to be the New York Yankees’ 5th Starter more: CC Sabathia or Ivan Nova?

The New York Yankees are known for staging Spring Training “Competitions” that are already clearly set in stone. Case in point? The battles for 5th starter in 2010, backup catcher in 2012, and closer in 2015. The Yankees ¬†are hosting another 5th starter’s battle¬†this spring, but they insist that it is a true competition this time around. The competitors, CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova, are supposedly being assessed equally by Yankees’ brass, without any concern being given to contracts or history.

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Top 10 MLB Starting Pitchers

Zack Greinke, Jake Arrieta, and Clayton Kershaw are surely in the top 10, but finding a particular spot for these aces is a difficult task.

There’s no doubt about it, the MLB is a pitcher’s league right now. Strikeouts, fastball velocity, and even no-hitters are at all-time highs in MLB history. Thus, making a list of the Top 10 MLB Starting Pitchers is no easy feat. In fact, it was the hardest list that I had to make. There will be some aces left off of this list, but the rest of the MLB is just too good. In the spirit of MLB Network’s Top 10 Right Now, here’s Overtime’s Top 10 MLB Starting Pitchers.

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