How Should the Yankees Balance Their Outfield Logjam?

Clint Frazier and Aaron Judge’s respective heroics have been welcomed by the Yankees, but have created a logjam in the outfield.

The 2017 Yankee season, while it has had some bumps along the road, has been an overall success for the organization. Chief among those success stories has to be the production the Yankees have gotten out of their outfield. Rookies Aaron Judge and Clint Frazier are enjoying banner campaigns, while Aaron Hicks has broken out and Brett Gardner has been his usual steady veteran self. And speedy veteran Jacoby Ellsbury is still around.

That makes five outfielders for three spots. Manager Joe Girardi will have a tough time making sure that all five of his outfielders receive enough at-bats when Hicks returns from injury in a week. And with Matt Holliday a strict DH and a prominent power bat in the lineup, the Yankees can’t just plug in one of their outfielders at DH every day, lest they lose the bat of Holliday.

It’s a tough situation, but also a good problem for Girardi to have. Let’s figure out how the Yankees can maximize production from their outfielders with the most efficient outfield rotation.

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Yankees Outfielders Contributing at All-Star Levels

Aaron Judge, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner, and Aaron Hicks have been excellent so far this year.

The New York Yankees came into the 2017 season with lots of questions about their roster. Chief among those were concerns about the outfield. Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury were 33 years old and coming off of poor finishes to the 2016 season, Aaron Hicks hadn’t shown much of anything in his first extended chance last year, and Aaron Judge was a wild card.

However, the Yankee outfield has quietly been the most consistent part of the lineup this season. The steady contributions of the four Yankee outfielders has been a huge part of the team’s success so far in 2017, and the quartet has to keep it up if the Yankees are to make the playoffs this year.

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