A-Head of the Pack: Chase Headley Bounces Back in a Big Way

Chase Headley has quietly caught fire this year, in what has been his best season in pinstripes.

With all of the hype that the young players have brought to the New York Yankees this season, some of the contributions of veteran players have flown under the radar. Guys like Brett Gardner, Matt Holliday, Starlin Castro, and Didi Gregorius have all made major contributions to the ballclub, despite little fanfare.

And yet through it all, there has been one constant presence in the bottom third of the Yankee lineup. This player has been a Yankee for parts of four seasons but has never been fully embraced by the Yankee fanbase, despite being no worse than league average at his worst and a decent hitter and a quality defender at his best. This player has even had to make a position change this year at age 33.

This player is none other than Chase Headley. Headley is not the type of player that is ever desperate for attention, and he is more often than not a forgotten man in the Yankee lineup. He has been a valuable member of the Yankees this season, however. He may never get his due among the fans, but Chase Headley is an underrated part of the New York Yankees. Continue reading