Welcome Back: Aaron Hicks Returns in Big Way

After being considered a bust for years, Aaron Hicks has finally put it all together this year for the Yankees.

Let’s flash back to Spring Training, 2017. Aaron Hicks is coming off of a particularly disappointing season, his first with the Yankees. And his leash is very short. He’s in the running for the starting right fielder’s job, but he’s got a beast named Aaron Judge lurking behind him, ready to chase down the job.

Hicks actually went out and put together a very nice Spring Training to his credit, but nothing would be enough to hold off the mammoth performance of Judge. Hicks once again settled into the role of the fourth outfielder, a role he had become accustomed to over his years as a big leaguer. Never good enough to justify a starting job and having been traded once before, Hicks was at a major crossroads.

But then Hicks turned things around. Despite a poor 2016 season, he did finish the campaign strongly and he has improved even further this season, to the point where Hicks is a crucial part of the Yankees’ success and it is hard to imagine where this team would be without the steady contributions of the versatile, 27-year-old outfielder.

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