Overtime Update and Radio Expansion!

Overtime is hitting the radio air waves!

Hello Overtime readers,

Over the years, you guys have had such great support. My blog has grown in so many ways, whether it may be the improved writing, wider variety of topics, or partnerships with other great blogs.

Now, I am two weeks into my college experience at Quinnipiac University. And while I will not be able to write as frequently, I couldn’t be happier to announce another content expansion for Overtime, which I teased a couple of days earlier on Twitter.

Overtime is partnering with WQAQ Radio (98.1 in Hamden, Connecticut) to produce a weekly Overtime talk radio show! Airing on Saturday afternoons from 4:00-5:00, the show will function as a review of the past sports week and a preview of the upcoming NFL slate and general weekend ahead.

But wait, there’s more! I will be joined on Overtime Radio by my Quinnipiac colleague, Matt Petry! Matt is just like me: a freshman looking to get experience in the world of sports media. Although he is predominantly a Boston-area fan, we anticipate some good banter on both local and national sports topics.

The opening air date for Overtime Radio will be Saturday, September 23 at 4:00 pm. We encourage audience participation, so please drop us a call and get on the air at 203-582-5555, or tweet our show Twitter account, which will be up and running shortly, with your questions. You will be able to listen to the shows online from anywhere in the world at http://www.wqaq.com/, or locally in the Hamden area on 98.1 FM. In the meantime, keep it with Overtime for all the latest in sports news, and be sure to give our pilot episode a listen!


Tom Krosnowski


Happy Two-Year Anniversary!

Overtime recently celebrated its second birthday!
It is my pleasure to announce that today marks Overtime’s second anniversary! I really cannot believe that two years have flown by so quickly, and it has been a real blast bringing the best sports content to my followers.

I will look to continue this project as I venture off to college next year, where hopefully Overtime can expand and try new things as I acquire more experience.

As always, thanks so much for following, and here’s to more happy reading!

Tom Krosnowski

Twitter: @TKro42

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Which Sport Has the Best Playoffs?

The hallmark of all four major sports is their respective postseasons.
There really is no time like the postseason in sports. It is the time when the best of the best assert themselves, and the pretenders go home. Every sport’s postseason features its best competition and the most intense games. However, which sport has the very best postseason?

This is very difficult debate, as even the “worst” playoff sports have set the stage for some of the finest moments in all of sports. But without further ado, here’s Overtime’s take on which sport’s playoffs truly are the best.

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Welcome Post

Hello fans of Overtime,

This is my new blog, Overtime with T-Kro.  Here I will discuss sports, with a primary focus on my favorite teams, the Philadelphia Flyers, New York Yankees, and New York Giants.  I will try to post daily, or at least a couple of times a week.

Thanks for your support!

T-Kro (@Tkro42)