Rumor: Yankees Open to Selling

Could the Yankees be trade deadline sellers?

MLB Insiders Ken Rosenthal and Buster Olney are reporting that the New York Yankees are open to selling some of their superstar players.

This is the first concrete evidence we have that the Yankees are actually willing to listen on stars such as Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, and Carlos Beltran. While both insiders report that nothing official is in place, if names such as Rosenthal and Olney are discussing it, something must be brewing.

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The Yankees have been on the fence of selling at the trade deadline for much of the season, but as the club has remained stuck in neutral around the .500 mark, Yankee brass may want to entertain the thought.

It is rare to find the Yankees, arguably baseball’s most successful franchise ever, selling at the deadline, but it may in fact be the right move for the organization. They have some blue-chip prospects that can make an impact as soon as next year, and selling off some excess fat and getting more prospects is how teams like the Kansas City Royals, San Francisco Giants, and Boston Red Sox built Championship teams.

Closer Aroldis Chapman is a free agent to be, and has had a stellar season for the Yankees (3-0, 2.39 ERA, 17/18 saves, 13.67 K/9). Chapman is probably the easiest piece to deal given his value and his rental status.

Andrew Miller has been perhaps the best reliever in all of baseball this season (5-1, 1.37 ERA, 7/8 saves. 15.79 K/9), even better than teammates Chapman and Dellin Betances. Miller still has two years left on his contract, which is why the Yankees would be reluctant to deal him.

However, if the right deal presents itself, the Yankees won’t hesitate to make a move.

Carlos Beltran is having himself a renaissance season, batting .298 with 19 home runs, an .883 OPS and his highest slugging percentage (.546) since 2006. Beltran cannot play the field at a high caliber or run well anymore, but his bat is still lethal. Given his status as a free agent to be, he could be the perfect rental piece for a club that needs just one more veteran bat.

The Yankees are also taking calls on Nathan Eovaldi, as reported by MLB Trade Rumors.

Eovaldi hasn’t had his best season, but he is an interesting reclamation project. He has shown flashes out of the bullpen in addition to his starter’s pedigree.

The Pirates would be a good fit for Eovaldi given their penchant for saving tossed-aside pitchers and their generous trade history with the Yankees.

It is a very difficult decision to decide to sell, but given the Yankees’ lousy performance over the weekend against the Red Sox, and with difficult games coming up against the Baltimore Orioles, San Francisco Giants, and Houston Astros, it may be time for the Bombers to admit that 2016 isn’t their year and to start re-tooling for 2017 and beyond.


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