Flyers Nab RW Dale Weise (Update)

Dale Weise and old buddy Michael Del Zotto may be reunited in Philadelphia.
The Flyers appear to have struck early in the NHL’s annual Free Agent Frenzy, naturally signing the one player that we didn’t post a preview article for.

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TSN’s Bob McKenzie is reporting that the Flyers are the “front-runners” for former Montreal Canadiens right winger Dale Weise. McKenzie also reported that the alleged deal could be a 4-year pact.

The financial terms are not yet known (in fact the deal hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet), but there are reports that Weise would carry a cap hit between $2 and $2.5 million.

Flyers’ defenseman Michael Del Zotto officially welcomed Weise to the Flyers on Twitter at 12:23 pm, all but confirming the reports.

Weise is a soon-to-be 28-year-old right winger that has played for the New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens, and Chicago Blackhawks. Weise was initially a low-scoring grinder, but he found his niche in a secondary scoring role for the Canadiens, scoring many crucial goals and topping out at 14 tallies and 29 points.

While Weise is not a big splash, he is an effective third-line winger that has had success on the power play as well. Due to the length of the deal, it is suspected that Matt Read could be on the chopping block.

Weise can be looked at as a replacement on paper for Ryan White, who is now likely as good as gone. White and the Flyers had difficulty matching up financially, and Weise is a higher-upside replacement.

While some fans may look pessimistically at this deal, Weise is not just a more expensive Ryan White. He will see time in the top-nine and can provide some power-play prowess.

This deal may remind Flyers fans of the Max Talbot signing of 2011, when the team acquired the former division rival for a reasonable price but a whopping 5-year deal. While it raised some eyebrows at the time, Talbot became a favorite in Philadelphia and was worth the price.

Let’s hope that we can say the same about Dale Weise four years down the road.


The Flyers officially announced the singing of Weise to a 4-year, $9.4 million contract. They also announced the signing of center Boyd Gordon to a one-year, $950,000 contract.


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