Scott Laughton Ready for Larger Role

In the wake of Sean Couturier’s injury, Scott Laughton could be in for a larger role.

Two feelings accompanied the devastating news that Sean Couturier was to miss the next four weeks with a lower-body injury.
First came a feeling of loss, despair and desperation for the Philadelphia Flyers fan. An injury to Sean Couturier might be the toughest on the Flyers save for Claude Giroux. The club’s second-line center plays every situation and was playing the best hockey of his career. Thus, an injury to such a key player may have burned the odds of making the playoffs.

After the initial shock and disappointment went away, a feeling of uncertainty and hopefulness took over as fans wondered how exactly the Flyers could replace Couturier’s production. After all, Couturier plays about 18 minutes a night (including power play and penalty kill time). On pace for almost 20 goals and 50 points, Couturier’s offense has caught up with his superlative defensive abilities. Finding a player out of the blue to pick up that point production and defensive responsibility sure isn’t easy.

Enter Scott Laughton.

Read the rest on’s Philadelphia Flyers page!


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