Pop-Tarts Series Update And Future Plans

Shop-Rite ran out!
Shop-Rite has run out of MLB Pop-Tarts!

It is with some sadness that I announce the end of the Pop-Tarts Series on Overtime.  While it was a fun ride, my local Shop-Rite has ceased carrying these delectable and collectible pastries.  While I never got to see my favorite New York Yankees immortalized on a Pop-Tart, I was able to get to 19 different teams with various repeats.  I hope that the series was a fun look at the various teams of Major League Baseball.

In place of the Pop-Tarts Series, I encourage readers of Overtime to leave comments with either questions about the world of sports or requests for future articles.  This fan interaction is a large part of Overtime.  I was glad to see how many of you enjoyed the Pop-Tarts Series, and I am eagerly awaiting any future feedback or requests from you guys.

Thanks as always for reading!


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